TFR is over. But check out TFR's owner new project for this year
Willa 2010

WILLA is the new thematic party run by Gallermic, the creator of TFR and Narziß, two regular events that grew into an unparalleled mediatic tour de force inside of the world of fashion and art, due to an exuberant visual and intellectual attack against mainstream culture in the Japanese society and in the globalized world. Taking into account this background, Willa is the ultimate sophisticated scenario to present Gallermic’s authentic reflections about life, the world, the human being, the good and the evil, the culture, the art scene, and most of all an excuse to show Galle’s exuberant ability to love. The objective of the party is to generate love and communication through a universal symbolism that reaches everybody’s heart. As Galle declares: “Willa is a party for the good flowers”.

日本語\\\\WILLA は、ファッションとアートの世界に偉大な功績を残した二つのパーティー、TFRとNarzißの創設者、Gallermicによる新しいパーティーである。日本社会とグローバライズ化された世界の主流のカルチャーに対する、圧倒的な視覚体験と知性による反撃を意図して開催されて来た。こうした背景を鑑み、WILLAは、Gallermicにとっての日常、世界、人類、善と悪、カルチャー、アートシーン、そしてとりわけGalleの愛についての表象を、究極に洗練された物語として送り届ける。このパーティーの目的は、すべての人々の心に届く普遍的な象徴を通して、愛とコミュニケーションを慈しみ、育むことにある。Galleの言葉を借りれば、「WILLAは善き花々へのパーティーである」。

Ciao For Now. And Deep Throat To You All!
↓↓↓Narziß Final 12/12↓↓↓
12/12 Next Narziß is The Last Narziß 12/12
↓↓↓Ciao For Now. And Deep Throat To You All!↓↓↓

~> Dec 12 (fri) 10P Narziß Celebrating *Ciao For Now. And Deep Throat to You All!* at Trump Room, Shibuya.

Next Narziß is the last Narziß, our last party: an erotic fantastic farewell. We are saying bye-bye after 21 parties: it's like the magical 7 x 3, the number of the perfection by excellence and of the individuality according to the numerology. For us is inhuman and perfect: like a triangle. For how extraordinary have We been all this time, after all... It’s arousing: Ciao for now. And deep throat to you all!

P.s. We don't want to be uncouth (but we want to be called uncouth), BUT this is the last party, the last photos, and the last chance to represent your groovy self... and there is NO turning back!

↓↓↓Narziß 11.29↓↓↓

A socialite preview from last Narziß celebrating "Dame With Eggs". Among the guests were French writer Isabelle Nobouta, Yoshiko Kris-Webb and Martin Webb, performer Lauren Levitt as Cotton Bale, Trippple Nippples' Qrea, photographer Zoren Gold (MiZo), Dolomites' Stefanko Balkano, musician Allon Beausoleil, Niche's Jesus Salinas. Music selected by Qrea, allon, Stefanko and TFR. All the photos soon on
↓↓↓Narziß 11.21↓↓↓

A socialite preview from last Narziß celebrating "Netochka Nezvanova And The Master Of None". Among the guests were writer Ryosuke Handa, legendary drag queen Vivienne Sato, Swedish designer Patrik Soderstam, Trippple Nippples' Qrea, New York's performer Kyoko, Uburoi's designer Mitsue Iwata, Gallery Naruyama's Jason, Niche's Jesus Salinas, Gimme Um's Pierre and NarziB's image Sono. Music selected by Mc Carrabeener, Jesus and TFR. All the photos soon on
↓↓↓Narziß 11.8↓↓↓

A socialite preview from last Narziß celebrating "The Innuendo Of La Maja Desnuda" and the host Gallermic's birthday. Among the guests were Martin Webb & Yohiko Kris-Webb, musician Allon Beausoleil, legendary drag queen Vivienne Sato, photographer duo Minori & Zoren (MiZo), Trippple Nippples' Qrea, New York's performer Kyoko, M-Flo's singer Verbal, Chanel Japan's Nicolas Lefeuvre, Uburoi's designer Mitsue Iwata, curators Kiku Kudo & Ishiguro, Gallery Naruyama's Jason, French writer Isabelle Nobouta, Gimme Um's Pierre, Dazed&Confused's Sakiko, Vogue Hommes' Emi, Sister's Fuyuri, Rereremojojo, Shima's Sachiko and NarziB's image Sono. Music selected by Mademoiselle Yulia, Zoren, Cooldisco'1drink' and TFR. All the photos soon on
More details and the complete party report on (Or scroll down...)

Interview in Enlgish:
DAZED: Could you tell me about the party that you are organizing right now? (The name of the party / When did you start having it? / How often are you having it? Etc… Give me the details!)
TFR: The name of the party is NarziB. Basically, NarziB is held every other week at Tokyo's most stylish spaces. We started the party from March 8th 2008.

DAZED: After establishing the party "TFR", you started having another party called "NarziB", what are the conceptual differences between those two? Also, what are the unite concepts?
TFR: TFR is a web magazine critiquing fashion, art and club culture in Tokyo. What differentiates TFR from other media is that we clarify our position and criteria on the issues we cover. The party we organized under the name of TFR was supposed to be the manifestation of our opinion. Therefore, we attempted to represent it through our fashion, the title of each party, flyer and everything. Basically, the concept of TFR parties were rather political and aggressive (ex. anti-globalization). We believe that TFR is something like a visual guerrilla trying to attack the mainstream culture. On the other hand, NarziB is a side project of TFR. Compared with TFR, NarziB doesn't necessarily intend to represent an opinion. It is merely for fun and networking. To us, there seemed like in Tokyo the so-called "community" is virtually non-existent. We want NarziB to be a cultural community for beautiful and individual people. We don't play loud music in NarziB. We want our guests to talk and know each other. NarziB is not fashion-oriented. A wide variety of people with different background are welcomed. As a matter of fact, our guests range from cultural figures like a film actor and an art curator to bohemian homeless. At the same time, NarziB is devoted to beauty. We have dress code for each party and the poor-dressed will not be admitted.

DAZED: Who writes the manifest for the parties?
TFR: Gallermic Mabuse

DAZED: How do you select DJs? Do you have a guideline for it?
TFR: We think there is a ridiculous overvaluation of the DJ nowadays. Specially in Tokyo, the Dj culture has reach the limit of idolatry, to become a Dj is the last burst of the ambition of the club kids. But why? It is like for Japanese there wouldnt be other way to be a star. And we consider that Dj ambition a misery of personality, lack of talent, and the worst tragedy of the parties along with Rave. Therefore, We are not music oriented. We want our visitors to get excited by interaction with beautiful people, to create community, icons and gossips. We rather select our guest Dj's by their cultural background and their beauty, and we called them the oldfashioned way: "selectors". Sometimes we dont even know who is gonna dj next party, we just improvised. Nevertheless, our music selection is rich. A wide range of classical, jazz, gypsy, global grooves, house, auld lang syne and cinephiliac music.

DAZED:What was the start of taking party snaps?
TFR: Just recording our memories.

DAZED: What/which kind of moment would you like to capture when you take photos?
TFR: Whenever as long as the subject is beautiful.

DAZED: What do you think about Tokyo party scene? How do you like to be placed in?
TFR: We don't really know what kind of parties are going on in Tokyo. We don't want to take ourselves within the context of Tokyo or anywhere on the earth. We prefer being regarded as a metaphysical concept without being restricted by biased idea, the name of a city or a country would possibly give.

DAZED: Could you tell me about the fashion style of the TFR guests? Do you have a special dress code?
TFR: Dress code = Individuality. Nothing is more important.

DAZED: Tell me about the concept of the exhibition you had this year, "POST NO FUTURE" at hiromiyoshii gallery.
TFR: Fashion is hentai. We can not help the association between something as superficial and hedonistic as fashion and the mere sexual pleasure full stop. Therefore, for us, a fashion personae who is not a hentai, it is an impostor, a traitor, an alienated puritan in disguise following trends who might just finish his days without a notion of personal style nor fashion itself. Fashion can be zoophiliac, necrophiliac, paediophiliac, dendrophiliac...all the paraphilias. And this can sound as obscene as fascinating, but most of all we are just trying to give an idea of the precariety of fashion these days. We spread fashion in all senses, and are here only to encourage creativity in personal hentalism.

DAZED: Do you have any plans to start up a new project?
TFR: Travel report by TFR's half Naokoula who is in a world round trip right now. And UBUROI, a fashion label for people who likes concepts like NarziB.

Thanks Dazed&Confused

↓↓↓TFR On The World-Round Trip↓↓↓
TFR's half Naokoula is in the middle of the world-round trip. She started writing about her experience on TFR...

english\\\\What is recorded here is not necessarily our experience. It can be an absolute fiction all made up in our head, or as a matter of possibility, something we MIGHT have experienced, or perhaps something we DID experience but in some other place or time. We have two kinds of journeys at the same time: the outward and inward. Our outward journey is governed by the clock and the budget, but inward one ignores the boundaries of place and time. The journey is not linear.It is always back and forth. And it is what we want to record, leaving us free from the time and the physical distance. Here, we deny the calender. We deny the map... (To read more, scroll down)

japanese\\\\ここに書かれていることは、私たちが実際に体験した出来事かもしれないし、もしかしたらすべて私たちの頭の中だけで作り上げられた完全なフィクションかもしれない。もしくは、可能性の問題で、体験しなかったけれども、体験した「かも」しれない出来事、また、私たちが体験したことだけれど、どこか違う場所で違う時間に体験した出来事かもしれない。私たちは、同時に2種類の旅をしている。身体的な旅が1つ。もう一つは精神的な旅。そしてその旅は、直線じゃない。そういう形の旅は、いつも行ったり来たりを繰り返す。そんな時間軸や物理的な距離に捉われない旅を私たちは記録したいと思っている。私たちは、カレンダーを否定する。私たちは、地図を否定する... (To read more, scroll down)

español\\\\Lo que grabamos aqui no es necesariamente nuestra experiencia. Puede ser una ficcion absoluta completamente inventada en nuestra cabeza, o una cuestion de posibilidad, algo que PUDO habernos pasado, o tal vez algo que SI experimentamos pero en algun otro tiempo o espacio. Nosotros tenemos dos tipos de viaje al mismo tiempo: exterior e interior. Nuestro viaje exterior esta gobernado por el reloj y el presupuesto, pero el interior ignora los limites del tiempo y el lugar. El viaje no es lineal. Es siempre de ida y vuelta. Y es lo que queremos grabar, dejandonos libres del tiempo y de la distancia fisica. Aqi, nosotros negamos el calendario. Nosotros negamos el mapa... (To read more, scroll down)

↓↓↓TFR In V Magazine ↓↓↓
This is how New York's famous V Magazine presents TFR in V53 index ~> "Underworld: If there’s any way Tokyo club kids could get any crazier, send us picture evidence". To top it all off, TFR is featured along with Isablle Adjani, Hunter S. Thompson et Dennis Hopper..FEAR AND LOATHING!!! Now on sale in Tokyo at Tower Records, Aoyama Book Center et Tutaya Roopongi Hills.

Thanks V

english\\\\ Apart from the off-upon sadomasochistic clothing, what else has been done in order to represent the fetishism of human beings or, going beyond, the universe of sexual deviations? [CHECK OUT OUR EXHIBITION ABOUT PARAPHILIAS, CLIC IMAGE]


español\\\\ Además de la ultra mañoseada vestimenta sadomasoquista, ¿qué más se ha hecho en aras de representar el fetichismo de los seres humanos o, yendo más allá, el universo de las desviaciones sexuales? [CHEKEA NUESTRA EXHIBICION SOBRE PARAFILIAS, HAZ CLIC EN LA IMAGEN]


english\\\\JAPANESE DON'T USE THEIR FREEDOM. It's not that we believe that a perfect place exists on the Earth. But if there is something close to it, it is the subculture -the space where we can find that and those who we are looking for-, or specifically that type of independent, free, countercultural, philosophic and bold community. Lamentably, it is in this sense of subculture /community where we bump into the weakest and most demoralizing point of Japanese society. [TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE ABOUT THE JAPANESE SOCIOCULTURAL REALITY, CLIC IMAGE BELLOW]

español\\\\LOS JAPONESES NO USAN SU LIBERTAD. No es que creamos que exista un lugar perfecto sobre la Tierra. Pero si hay algo cercano a eso es la subcultura -el espacio donde podemos encontrar eso y a esos a quienes estamos buscando-, o específicamente aquel tipo de comunidad independiente, libre, contracultural, filosófica y atrevida. Lamentablemente, es en este sentido de subcultura/comunidad donde nos topamos con el punto más débil y desmoralizador de la sociedad japonesa. [PARA LEER TODO EL ARTICULO SOBRE LA REALIDAD SOCIOCULTURAL JAPONESA, HAZ CLIC EN LA IMAGEN]

↓↓↓TFR IN NYC↓↓↓
Feat. The NYC Personalities Of the Moment [clic image]
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we are a space of FREEDOM, FRESHNESS and ESCAPISM. from this perspective, we are one of the very FEW ORIGINAL MEDIA -and definitely the one that has the MOST TENACIOUS and CRITICAL OPINION- related to the 'WORLD OF FASHION'. yes, world we belong to, but also world we find abhorrent because it's representing the most visible side of the pseudo-well-being [CONSUMERISM], that behind glamourous SMOKE SCREENS [generally starred by 'MODELS' and 'POP STARS'], and making use of the so-called 'TRENDS', spreads the most recalcitrant STEREOTYPES of CAPITALISM and its just-apparent GLOBALIZATION... at THEFASHIONRAMONE [a.k.a TFR] you will find, then, the best alternative in fashion design and counterculture!!!!!


Friday, May 26, 2006

Golden Week


ゴールデンウィークをこんなにも衝撃的な形で始めることができただろうか。国際的アバズレ2人組Avenue DがFancy Himへやってきた。このイベントは悪名高きホモコアで変態のイベントなのだ。ダフネとデビーは軽々と1000人近くの無気力キッズを代官山UNITへと集めてしまった。彼女たちは深夜2時頃に姿を現し、バレリーナの様な服装に身を包んでいた。バレリーナと言ってもクラシック・バレーや現代的な類のものではなく、完璧すぎるほどのバロック・アバズレ・スタイルである。有名な2人は言葉通り、僕らを打ちのめした。"Shut Up Stick It In"や"Do I Look Like A Slut"などの唄、そしてポルノグラフィー。これ以下の出来なんて彼女たちからは予想すらできなかった。その証拠に、彼女たちのライヴ中ずっと、僕らの最も自滅的側面は彼女たちに情熱的に感謝をしていた。ライヴが終わると、彼女たちと友人・常客連中・そしてファンたちは、DJ Spencer Productの音楽に合わせてひっきりなしにじゃれあっていた。このパーティーはOrgy Hotelで最高潮を迎えたのだった。Ue: yopparai Avenue D @ FancyHIM. Shita: choto omoshiroi Spencer Product@ FancyHIM.

高円寺-東京・古着の街-には、Spankというガーリーな古着屋がある。雑誌Cutieによれば「今までで最高にかわいいスタイルに富んだ指導者」なのだそう。Spankは、原宿で遊びまわるお洒落でカラフルなファッションに身を包む東京人の少なくとも10%の、スタイリングという犯罪に手を貸しているという。そして、なんともエロい名前のSpank Meを渋谷に新しくオープンした今、僕らは果たして次に何が起こるのかと思いをめぐらせている。その新店舗にはきれいな眺めと空気、そして80年代物が揃っている。僕らは、多くのSpank熱狂者がオープン初日に長蛇の列をつくっているすぐ脇で、まるでブタが泥んこの中ではしゃいでいるかのように、オープン記念のアイスクリームを食べながらしあわせに浸っていた。Ue: kawai to hentai Spank Me no showcase. Shita: ureshi Spank
no staff Tabuchi to Saki chan.

僕らはNo TokyoでファッキンクレディブルなDJを披露している彼を見つけた。才能溢れるDJにとどまらず、Cato Canariはミュージシャンでもある。もしこれで十分でないとするならば教えよう、彼はとってもキュートな碧い瞳をしている。彼は僕らをRuby Roomでの小さなパーティーへと招いてくれた。そこは全てのハイパーアクティブ・パーティー中毒者が集まる場所だった。木曜の夜のパーティーを開催し続けるために、僕らは彼を真剣におすすめする!彼のDJの後で、僕らはNite Performへと急いだ。キッズ達がエレクトロ・ロックに合わせて跳びまわる、2人のアル中友達ChakiとGallianoがオーガナイズするパーティー(2人が幸せのあまりに泣いているのをみてしまった)。Nite Performは僕らの夢の穴になれただろう....親しい友人・金切り声・暗闇、とっても暗い。Ue: mecha kakoi boy Cato Canari. Shita. puri puri Yuka to Nabe, yoparai onna noko @ Nite Perfom.

しかしゴールデンウィーク中1番の不運で、最も多くささやかれていたゴシップは、同日開催のVANITY vs. MEATだっただろう。2005年9月のデジャヴだ。一方でVANITYは、キッズ達の活動の場を離れながらも、ネオ・カルト雑誌Fruits/Tuneの戦略的サポートを受けながら、長期休暇からの復帰を果たそうとしていた。またその一方でMEATは、友好的で愉快な雰囲気、ユーモアたっぷりのショー等から「東京で1番おいしいパーティー」の称号を得ていた。僕らは絶対に両方とも行くしかなかった。そして下した判定はシンプルだった:そんなのできっこない!!! Ue: Tokyo Bopper no Mokun no sexy karada @ Vanity Black. Shita: Meat no ero-okyakusama, yabai!!!

Gallermic Tanaka
Translation by Fumi

Golden Week\\\\English
It-s the orient-s answer to america-s spring break, it-s the converted catholic country-s equivalent of holy week... as a matter of fact, with such opulent denomination, Golden Week is undoubtly the most sybaritic week on the Japanese calendar...
{Within our neobaroque circuit the celebrations couldn't be more radical. The week kicked off with a couple of infamous sluts who left us bruised from their euphoric gig, TO an icecream afternoon resulting in a fashion cults new store opening..}

It couldn't have begun in a more shocking way: the international sluts Avenue D played @ FancyHIIM. This event is infamous for being homocore and hentai. Daphne and Debbie easily congregated about 1000 sluttish kids at the famous Daikanyama Unit. They showed up around 2 a.m dressed as ballerinas, but not as the classic ballet or contemporary dance variety, but rather as the 'pluscuamperfect' baroque slut types.The famous chicks lefts us literally bruised. With songs such as Shut up stick itin, Do I look like a slut, among other pornography, we could-nt have expected anything less from the duo. In fact, our most selfdestructive side passionately thanked them during their live show... Once finished, the girls and their friends, habitues and fanswere pawing each other incessiantly, to the soundtrack by DJ Spencer Product... this party culminated @ Orgy Hotel. Top: diplomacy, oath, hypocrisy by Avenue D @ FancyHIM. Bottom: United Creatures of FancyHIM.

In Koenji -Tokyo's vintage district par excellence- there is a used clothes girlie shop called Spank. According to Cutie magazine - 'the most copious pretty style guru ever-', Spank is guilty of styling at least 10% of the technicoloured sweet Tokyoites who hang around Harajuku sporting their most fashionable feature... indolence. We wonder what-s going to happen now that Spank has just opened a new store in Shibuya, eroticly named Spank Me. The new location comes equipped with a view, fresh air and their signature 80.s pretty stuff. We were as happy as pigs in mud at their opening debut eating icecreams, while Spank fanatics were queuen up to get in... and buy! Congratulations, dolls! Top: Spank Me showcase, among tenderness, lust and sadism. Bottom: technicoloured consumerism @ Spank Me.

We discovered him at No Tokyo latest volume, djing for us in a fuckincredible way. In addition to his unstoppable Dj-ing prowess, Cato Canari is a musician as well! And as if that wasnt enough, he has some very pretty blue eyes too... This boy invited us to a little party at the Ruby Room, where no hyperactive partyholic was missing. We recomend Cato, with all theseriousness of the world to keep on doing the Thursday parties (plz!)... After his Dj set we all ran towards Nite Perform.s second edition, where kids were jumping among the electrorock sonic effluviums of this fucking cool party organized by two unshakable alcoholic friends, Chaki and Galliano ( we saw them crying ofhappiness ). Nite Perform could be the hole of our dreams: intimate, strident, dark, very dark... Top: ineffable time boy Cato Canari. Bottom: adorable gals playing on the dancefloor @ Nite Perform

But the most sinister and commented gossip during Golden Week was... Vanity vs. Meat the same saturday night!!! Dejavu September 2005. On the one hand, Vanity was making a come back to the scene after a long vacation, under a renewed aesthetic (Vanity Black) albeit betting for a place out of thejuvenile circuit - with the strategic support of the neocult mags Fruits and Tunes, which sent their photographers. On the opposite side, Meat was appealing to the uncontrastable humor of its stagings, and in short, to the great CAMARADERIE and FUN ambience that has earned them the title of 'the most delicious party in Tokyo'. We definitely had to go to BOTH. And our verdict is simple: IT AIN'T EASYTO LIVE LIKE THIS!!! Top: thorn & chic, Tokyo Bopper-s Shima @ VanityBlack. Bottom: unbearable Tipple Nipples, electrofilth performers @ Meat.

Gallermic Tanaka

Special Thans to Sarah Potplant

Golden Week\\\\Espanol

Es la respuesta oriental al spring break americano, o el equivalente a la semana santa de los paIses catOlicos confesos. En efecto, con semejante denominaciOn opulenta, la Golden Week es literalmente la semana de vacaciones mAs sibarita y estimulante del JapOn...
{Dentro de nuestro circuito neobarroco las situaciones no podrian haber sido mas radicales, sucedio DESDE un par de forasteras infames que nos dejaron moreteados en pleno gig euforico, HASTA una tarde de helados en la nueva sucursal de unas lIderes fashion... }

No se podIa comenzar de una manera mAs chocante: las putas internacionales Avenue D se presentarIan en FancyHIM, este evento de fama homocore y hentai. Daphne y Debbie congregaron facilmente a unos 1000 putoides en el famoso Unit Club de Daikanyama. Salieron como a las 2 a.m vestidas de ballerinas, pero no de ballet clAsico ni de danza contemporAnea, dirIamos que de putas ballerinas barrocas pluscuanperfectas. Las famosas sluts nos dejaron literalmente moreteados. Con temas como shut up stick it in, do i look like a slut, entre otra pornografIa, no podiamos haber esperado menos de eias. de hecho, nuestra faceta mas autodestructiva se los agradeciO apasionadamente durante su show... Una vez finalizado el live, estuvieron magreAdonse con amigos, habitues y fans con soundtrack by DJ Spencer Product... dicen q la fiesta termino en el Hotel Orgia. Arriba: como en casa, estrambOticas Avenue D @ FancyHIM. Abajo: Fans lesbianas de Avenue D y Gareth Pugh @ FancyHIM.

En Koenji -el barrio vintage de Tokyo par excellence- existe una tienda girlie de ropa usada llamada Spank. SegUn la revista Cutie, la gurU del estilo pretty mAs opIparo del planeta, Spank es la culpable del styling de, por lo menos, ese 10% de tokyotas technicoloridas y dulces que se pasean por Harajuku con indolencia. Nos preguntamos quE irA a pasar ahora que las Spank acaban de abrir una sucursal en el mismIsimo Shibuya, llamado erOticamente Spank Me, dentro de un emplazamiento con vista, aires frescos y el caracterIstico sello 80.s pretty de las susodichas??? De momento, el dIa de la apertura nosotros no nos resistimos a combinar aquel Ambito de alegrIa comiendo helados, mientras las fanAticas de la tienda hacIan cola para ingresar... y comprar! Felicitaciones, muniekas! Arriba: Entre la ternura, la lujuria y el desquicio, vitrina de Spank Me. Abajo. Creaturas pretty del JapOn @ Spank Me.

Lo descubrimos en el Ultimo volumen de No Tokyo, pinchAndonos como Dios manda. Cato Canari ademas de Dj, es tambiEn musico, y como si eso fuera poco, tiene unos ojos azules bien bonitos. Pues este chico nos llamo a una fiestecilla en Ruby Room, donde los partyholics mas hiperactivos no faltaron. Con toda la seriedad del mundo, recomendamos a Cato que siga organizando fiestas los jueves {plis!}... Luego de su Dj set corrimos todos a la 2da ediciOn de Nite Perform, donde nos amanecimos EXCEDIENDONOS entre los efluvios sonicos electro-rock de esta puta fenomemal fiesta organizada por dos amigos alcohOlicos inquebrantables, Chaki y Galliano ( los vimos llorando ebrios de felicidad...) Nite Perform podria ser el antro de nuestros suegnos: intima, estridente, oscura, muy oscura... Arriba: un inefable chico del tiempo, Cato Canari..Abajo: regios habitues de Nite Perform saliendo de los lavabos... quE estuvieron haciendo???

Fue el chisme mAs siniestro y comentado durante la Golden Week... Vanity vs. Meat el mismo sabado!!! Por un lado Vanity regresaba a escena despues de dos largos meses de vacaciones, bajo una estEtica renovada {Vanity Black} y apostando por un sitio fuera del circuito juvenil -aunque con el estratEgico espaldarazo de las revistas de neoculto Fruit y Tunes, que mandaron a sus fotogrAfos. En el extremo opuesto, Meat apelaba al humor incostratable de sus puestas en escena, y a fin de cuentas al gran abiente de camaraderia y diversiOn sobrenatural que les ha valido el titulo de ' la fiesta mAs deliciosa de Tokyo'. En definitiva tenIamos que ir a las DOS. Y nuestro veredicto es simple: NO ES FACIL VIVIR ASI !!!
Arriba: Emily, la vimos esbeltIsima atrapada en su animal print @ Meat. Abajo: Aplaudimos el constructivismo fashion de esta seniorita @ Vanity Black.

Gallermic Tanaka


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