TFR is over. But check out TFR's owner new project for this year
Willa 2010

WILLA is the new thematic party run by Gallermic, the creator of TFR and Narziß, two regular events that grew into an unparalleled mediatic tour de force inside of the world of fashion and art, due to an exuberant visual and intellectual attack against mainstream culture in the Japanese society and in the globalized world. Taking into account this background, Willa is the ultimate sophisticated scenario to present Gallermic’s authentic reflections about life, the world, the human being, the good and the evil, the culture, the art scene, and most of all an excuse to show Galle’s exuberant ability to love. The objective of the party is to generate love and communication through a universal symbolism that reaches everybody’s heart. As Galle declares: “Willa is a party for the good flowers”.

日本語\\\\WILLA は、ファッションとアートの世界に偉大な功績を残した二つのパーティー、TFRとNarzißの創設者、Gallermicによる新しいパーティーである。日本社会とグローバライズ化された世界の主流のカルチャーに対する、圧倒的な視覚体験と知性による反撃を意図して開催されて来た。こうした背景を鑑み、WILLAは、Gallermicにとっての日常、世界、人類、善と悪、カルチャー、アートシーン、そしてとりわけGalleの愛についての表象を、究極に洗練された物語として送り届ける。このパーティーの目的は、すべての人々の心に届く普遍的な象徴を通して、愛とコミュニケーションを慈しみ、育むことにある。Galleの言葉を借りれば、「WILLAは善き花々へのパーティーである」。

Ciao For Now. And Deep Throat To You All!
↓↓↓Narziß Final 12/12↓↓↓
12/12 Next Narziß is The Last Narziß 12/12
↓↓↓Ciao For Now. And Deep Throat To You All!↓↓↓

~> Dec 12 (fri) 10P Narziß Celebrating *Ciao For Now. And Deep Throat to You All!* at Trump Room, Shibuya.

Next Narziß is the last Narziß, our last party: an erotic fantastic farewell. We are saying bye-bye after 21 parties: it's like the magical 7 x 3, the number of the perfection by excellence and of the individuality according to the numerology. For us is inhuman and perfect: like a triangle. For how extraordinary have We been all this time, after all... It’s arousing: Ciao for now. And deep throat to you all!

P.s. We don't want to be uncouth (but we want to be called uncouth), BUT this is the last party, the last photos, and the last chance to represent your groovy self... and there is NO turning back!

↓↓↓Narziß 11.29↓↓↓

A socialite preview from last Narziß celebrating "Dame With Eggs". Among the guests were French writer Isabelle Nobouta, Yoshiko Kris-Webb and Martin Webb, performer Lauren Levitt as Cotton Bale, Trippple Nippples' Qrea, photographer Zoren Gold (MiZo), Dolomites' Stefanko Balkano, musician Allon Beausoleil, Niche's Jesus Salinas. Music selected by Qrea, allon, Stefanko and TFR. All the photos soon on
↓↓↓Narziß 11.21↓↓↓

A socialite preview from last Narziß celebrating "Netochka Nezvanova And The Master Of None". Among the guests were writer Ryosuke Handa, legendary drag queen Vivienne Sato, Swedish designer Patrik Soderstam, Trippple Nippples' Qrea, New York's performer Kyoko, Uburoi's designer Mitsue Iwata, Gallery Naruyama's Jason, Niche's Jesus Salinas, Gimme Um's Pierre and NarziB's image Sono. Music selected by Mc Carrabeener, Jesus and TFR. All the photos soon on
↓↓↓Narziß 11.8↓↓↓

A socialite preview from last Narziß celebrating "The Innuendo Of La Maja Desnuda" and the host Gallermic's birthday. Among the guests were Martin Webb & Yohiko Kris-Webb, musician Allon Beausoleil, legendary drag queen Vivienne Sato, photographer duo Minori & Zoren (MiZo), Trippple Nippples' Qrea, New York's performer Kyoko, M-Flo's singer Verbal, Chanel Japan's Nicolas Lefeuvre, Uburoi's designer Mitsue Iwata, curators Kiku Kudo & Ishiguro, Gallery Naruyama's Jason, French writer Isabelle Nobouta, Gimme Um's Pierre, Dazed&Confused's Sakiko, Vogue Hommes' Emi, Sister's Fuyuri, Rereremojojo, Shima's Sachiko and NarziB's image Sono. Music selected by Mademoiselle Yulia, Zoren, Cooldisco'1drink' and TFR. All the photos soon on
More details and the complete party report on (Or scroll down...)

Interview in Enlgish:
DAZED: Could you tell me about the party that you are organizing right now? (The name of the party / When did you start having it? / How often are you having it? Etc… Give me the details!)
TFR: The name of the party is NarziB. Basically, NarziB is held every other week at Tokyo's most stylish spaces. We started the party from March 8th 2008.

DAZED: After establishing the party "TFR", you started having another party called "NarziB", what are the conceptual differences between those two? Also, what are the unite concepts?
TFR: TFR is a web magazine critiquing fashion, art and club culture in Tokyo. What differentiates TFR from other media is that we clarify our position and criteria on the issues we cover. The party we organized under the name of TFR was supposed to be the manifestation of our opinion. Therefore, we attempted to represent it through our fashion, the title of each party, flyer and everything. Basically, the concept of TFR parties were rather political and aggressive (ex. anti-globalization). We believe that TFR is something like a visual guerrilla trying to attack the mainstream culture. On the other hand, NarziB is a side project of TFR. Compared with TFR, NarziB doesn't necessarily intend to represent an opinion. It is merely for fun and networking. To us, there seemed like in Tokyo the so-called "community" is virtually non-existent. We want NarziB to be a cultural community for beautiful and individual people. We don't play loud music in NarziB. We want our guests to talk and know each other. NarziB is not fashion-oriented. A wide variety of people with different background are welcomed. As a matter of fact, our guests range from cultural figures like a film actor and an art curator to bohemian homeless. At the same time, NarziB is devoted to beauty. We have dress code for each party and the poor-dressed will not be admitted.

DAZED: Who writes the manifest for the parties?
TFR: Gallermic Mabuse

DAZED: How do you select DJs? Do you have a guideline for it?
TFR: We think there is a ridiculous overvaluation of the DJ nowadays. Specially in Tokyo, the Dj culture has reach the limit of idolatry, to become a Dj is the last burst of the ambition of the club kids. But why? It is like for Japanese there wouldnt be other way to be a star. And we consider that Dj ambition a misery of personality, lack of talent, and the worst tragedy of the parties along with Rave. Therefore, We are not music oriented. We want our visitors to get excited by interaction with beautiful people, to create community, icons and gossips. We rather select our guest Dj's by their cultural background and their beauty, and we called them the oldfashioned way: "selectors". Sometimes we dont even know who is gonna dj next party, we just improvised. Nevertheless, our music selection is rich. A wide range of classical, jazz, gypsy, global grooves, house, auld lang syne and cinephiliac music.

DAZED:What was the start of taking party snaps?
TFR: Just recording our memories.

DAZED: What/which kind of moment would you like to capture when you take photos?
TFR: Whenever as long as the subject is beautiful.

DAZED: What do you think about Tokyo party scene? How do you like to be placed in?
TFR: We don't really know what kind of parties are going on in Tokyo. We don't want to take ourselves within the context of Tokyo or anywhere on the earth. We prefer being regarded as a metaphysical concept without being restricted by biased idea, the name of a city or a country would possibly give.

DAZED: Could you tell me about the fashion style of the TFR guests? Do you have a special dress code?
TFR: Dress code = Individuality. Nothing is more important.

DAZED: Tell me about the concept of the exhibition you had this year, "POST NO FUTURE" at hiromiyoshii gallery.
TFR: Fashion is hentai. We can not help the association between something as superficial and hedonistic as fashion and the mere sexual pleasure full stop. Therefore, for us, a fashion personae who is not a hentai, it is an impostor, a traitor, an alienated puritan in disguise following trends who might just finish his days without a notion of personal style nor fashion itself. Fashion can be zoophiliac, necrophiliac, paediophiliac, dendrophiliac...all the paraphilias. And this can sound as obscene as fascinating, but most of all we are just trying to give an idea of the precariety of fashion these days. We spread fashion in all senses, and are here only to encourage creativity in personal hentalism.

DAZED: Do you have any plans to start up a new project?
TFR: Travel report by TFR's half Naokoula who is in a world round trip right now. And UBUROI, a fashion label for people who likes concepts like NarziB.

Thanks Dazed&Confused

↓↓↓TFR On The World-Round Trip↓↓↓
TFR's half Naokoula is in the middle of the world-round trip. She started writing about her experience on TFR...

english\\\\What is recorded here is not necessarily our experience. It can be an absolute fiction all made up in our head, or as a matter of possibility, something we MIGHT have experienced, or perhaps something we DID experience but in some other place or time. We have two kinds of journeys at the same time: the outward and inward. Our outward journey is governed by the clock and the budget, but inward one ignores the boundaries of place and time. The journey is not linear.It is always back and forth. And it is what we want to record, leaving us free from the time and the physical distance. Here, we deny the calender. We deny the map... (To read more, scroll down)

japanese\\\\ここに書かれていることは、私たちが実際に体験した出来事かもしれないし、もしかしたらすべて私たちの頭の中だけで作り上げられた完全なフィクションかもしれない。もしくは、可能性の問題で、体験しなかったけれども、体験した「かも」しれない出来事、また、私たちが体験したことだけれど、どこか違う場所で違う時間に体験した出来事かもしれない。私たちは、同時に2種類の旅をしている。身体的な旅が1つ。もう一つは精神的な旅。そしてその旅は、直線じゃない。そういう形の旅は、いつも行ったり来たりを繰り返す。そんな時間軸や物理的な距離に捉われない旅を私たちは記録したいと思っている。私たちは、カレンダーを否定する。私たちは、地図を否定する... (To read more, scroll down)

español\\\\Lo que grabamos aqui no es necesariamente nuestra experiencia. Puede ser una ficcion absoluta completamente inventada en nuestra cabeza, o una cuestion de posibilidad, algo que PUDO habernos pasado, o tal vez algo que SI experimentamos pero en algun otro tiempo o espacio. Nosotros tenemos dos tipos de viaje al mismo tiempo: exterior e interior. Nuestro viaje exterior esta gobernado por el reloj y el presupuesto, pero el interior ignora los limites del tiempo y el lugar. El viaje no es lineal. Es siempre de ida y vuelta. Y es lo que queremos grabar, dejandonos libres del tiempo y de la distancia fisica. Aqi, nosotros negamos el calendario. Nosotros negamos el mapa... (To read more, scroll down)

↓↓↓TFR In V Magazine ↓↓↓
This is how New York's famous V Magazine presents TFR in V53 index ~> "Underworld: If there’s any way Tokyo club kids could get any crazier, send us picture evidence". To top it all off, TFR is featured along with Isablle Adjani, Hunter S. Thompson et Dennis Hopper..FEAR AND LOATHING!!! Now on sale in Tokyo at Tower Records, Aoyama Book Center et Tutaya Roopongi Hills.

Thanks V

english\\\\ Apart from the off-upon sadomasochistic clothing, what else has been done in order to represent the fetishism of human beings or, going beyond, the universe of sexual deviations? [CHECK OUT OUR EXHIBITION ABOUT PARAPHILIAS, CLIC IMAGE]


español\\\\ Además de la ultra mañoseada vestimenta sadomasoquista, ¿qué más se ha hecho en aras de representar el fetichismo de los seres humanos o, yendo más allá, el universo de las desviaciones sexuales? [CHEKEA NUESTRA EXHIBICION SOBRE PARAFILIAS, HAZ CLIC EN LA IMAGEN]


english\\\\JAPANESE DON'T USE THEIR FREEDOM. It's not that we believe that a perfect place exists on the Earth. But if there is something close to it, it is the subculture -the space where we can find that and those who we are looking for-, or specifically that type of independent, free, countercultural, philosophic and bold community. Lamentably, it is in this sense of subculture /community where we bump into the weakest and most demoralizing point of Japanese society. [TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE ABOUT THE JAPANESE SOCIOCULTURAL REALITY, CLIC IMAGE BELLOW]

español\\\\LOS JAPONESES NO USAN SU LIBERTAD. No es que creamos que exista un lugar perfecto sobre la Tierra. Pero si hay algo cercano a eso es la subcultura -el espacio donde podemos encontrar eso y a esos a quienes estamos buscando-, o específicamente aquel tipo de comunidad independiente, libre, contracultural, filosófica y atrevida. Lamentablemente, es en este sentido de subcultura/comunidad donde nos topamos con el punto más débil y desmoralizador de la sociedad japonesa. [PARA LEER TODO EL ARTICULO SOBRE LA REALIDAD SOCIOCULTURAL JAPONESA, HAZ CLIC EN LA IMAGEN]

↓↓↓TFR IN NYC↓↓↓
Feat. The NYC Personalities Of the Moment [clic image]
My Photo
Location: Tokyo, Japan

we are a space of FREEDOM, FRESHNESS and ESCAPISM. from this perspective, we are one of the very FEW ORIGINAL MEDIA -and definitely the one that has the MOST TENACIOUS and CRITICAL OPINION- related to the 'WORLD OF FASHION'. yes, world we belong to, but also world we find abhorrent because it's representing the most visible side of the pseudo-well-being [CONSUMERISM], that behind glamourous SMOKE SCREENS [generally starred by 'MODELS' and 'POP STARS'], and making use of the so-called 'TRENDS', spreads the most recalcitrant STEREOTYPES of CAPITALISM and its just-apparent GLOBALIZATION... at THEFASHIONRAMONE [a.k.a TFR] you will find, then, the best alternative in fashion design and counterculture!!!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2007


日本語\\\\決して忘れない→ NE-NETを、YOUTHデイリーウエアに私たちのコンテンポラリーAGEのもっとも固有の価値をもたらした→EVERYTHING GOES。メゾンのプリティなセンスを忘れることなく→きちっとしたミニマルなテイラーだけれどすごいボリューム[yohji yamamotoへの敬意かも???];いろいろなサイズ、カラー、テクスチャーの幾何学プリントやデフォルメされたプリントもあって;ちょっとネオン、メタモルフォーゼ、レイヤリング、デニムもある、と、今週みたなかでも最高にかっこいいケアレスネス[超えるのは多分無理]...いうなら、ネオバロックコレクションのお手本… 

english\\\\We-ll never forget -> NE-NET, that brings our contemporaneity's most inherent value to the YOUTH dayly wear: EVERYTHING GOES. without losing the maison's sense of pretty-> rigid minimalistic taylor but with patent volumen [bowing to yohji yamamoto??? ]; geometric prints -and also deformeds- in multiple sizes, colours and textures; a bit of neon, metamorphosis, layering, denim and the coolest carelessness that we have seen so far in the week [very difficult to beat] short, an EXEMPLARY NEOBAROQUE COLLECTION...

español\\\\Nunca olvidaremos -> a NE-NET, que trae al DAYLY WEAR ADOLESCENTE el valor mas inherente de nuestra contemporaneidad: VALE TODO. sin perder el sentido pretty de la maison: taylor minimalista rigido pero con volumen patente [una reverencia a yohji yamamoto???]; estampados geometricos -y asimismo deformes- en multiples tamanios, colores y texturas; un poco de neon, metamorfosis, layering, denim y el desgarbo mas majo que hemos visto en lo que va de la semana [muy dificil de superar]...en definitiva, una COLECCION NEOBARROCA MODELO...



日本語\\\\決して忘れない→SOMARTAを、服じゃなくて、アクセサリー、でももうアクセサリーをまったく超えた。いい方の`DE LUXE`は、あなたのアティチュードを包み、世界を分解し、熱い溶けたメタルにしてしまい、ダイヤみたいに輝かせ、レースをタトゥーした...その値段だけの価値があるシュールレアリスティックエレガンス…

english\\\\we-ll never forget-> SOMARTA, not their clothes, but their accesories -that are not accesories at all. `DE LUXE` of the good ones, envelopes your attitude, fragments your world, has melt you into metal, makes you shine like a diamond, has tatooed you the lace...SURREALISTIC ELEGANCE that justifies its price...

español\\\\nunca olvidaremos-> a SOMARTA, no su ropa, si no sus accesorios -que para nada son accesorios. 'DE LUXE' del bueno, envuelve tu actitud, fragmenta tu mundo, te ha fundido en metal, te hace brillar como diamante, te ha tatuado el encaje...ELEGANCIA SURREALISTA que justifica su precio...



日本語\\\\決して忘れない→そして、DRESSCAMPを、women`s。 [male lineについてはコメントありません] 超リッチなディオールのベストスタイル[オートクチュールの]。それを前にして私たちは何を言えるだろう?プレタポルテコレクションにオートクチュールみたいなものがあったら賞賛の価値があることだ。それは私たちの生きるこの加速した時代には要求されてる。実際、トップデザイナーはできるし、するべきだ。ありがとうございます。DRESSCAMP、このショウでは、イメージが際立っていた。DRESSCAMPWOMANになりたいなら巨大なイヤリングをつけるだけで完成。服は西洋的で、歴史的な遺産の誇り、そして数は少なくても濃い斬新なもので、結果は100パーセント表面的なのだ。これは服を目立たせて服を観るのが初めての経験にする決定的なものだ。これで私達は歴史や過去のすべてのものを忘れ、どんなにBITCH and NEW RICHにみえようとも`new epoque`へ進んで行く。

english\\\\we-ll never forget-> and DRESSCAMP, their women`s [no comments about the male line]. EXCESS at the best DIOR style [but of the HAUTE COUTURE one]. what can we say before/about this? that there is something similar to the HAUTE COUTURE in a pret-a-porter collection is more than a praiseworthy fact. our accelerated times demand it. and actually, the best designers do it and `should do it`. we thank. DRESSCAMP, in this case, stands out because of the IMAGE. it could be a DRESSCAMP woman just by wearing those enormous earning and that`s it. the clothes, resolutely occidental and proud of their historic legacy, because of the novelties -few but `excessives`-, at the end results 100% superficiel, and this is determinant because this way the clothes comes to the foreground, with this we forget about the history and about all past, and we pass to a `new epoque`, no matter how BITCH and NEW RICH it looks like.

español\\\\nunca olvidaremos-> y a DRESSCAMP, lo de las mujeres [nos reservamos la opinion sobre la linea masculina]. EXCESO al mejor estilo DIOR [pero de HAUTE COUTURE]. que podemos decir ante esto? que haya algo parecido a la alta costura en una coleccion pret a porter es un hecho mas que loable. nuestros tiempos acelerados lo exigen. y la verdad, los mejores diseniadores lo hacen y lo 'deberian' hacer. nosotros agradecemos. DRESSCAMP, en este caso, se destaca por la IMAGEN. podria ser una mujer DRESSCAMP con solo ponerse esos enormes pendientes y punto. la ropa, resueltamente occidental y orgullosa de su legado historico, por las novedades -pequenias pero `excesivas`-, al final resulta 100% superficial, y esto es determinante porque asi la ropa pasa al primer plano, con esto nos olvidamos de la historia y de todo lo pasado, y pasamos a una nueva epoca, por mas BITCH y NEW R
ICH q se vea.




Saturday, March 17, 2007


日本語\\\\決して忘れない→東京ジャングルKIDSを、二人なすごいおいしそうヌードやりちんたち… TRAINERSを、やりまんちんzPETTYとLEO、ぜったいわすれない、PETTYのオープンワイドあし、LEOのトータルネット、やりまんのブーツとタバコ… DJ VOGUEを、音楽じゃない、LOOKを消してわすれない[feat.E-GALLIANOのwings]… SHEEP GALSを、超かわいいアニマルz… そして、みなアニマルちゃんzを、サンクスforダンシングTFRの‘HYPERBALLAD’!!!

english\\\\we-ll never forget->the TOKYOITE SYLVANS, a pair of naked young pimps who were just right... TRAINERS, the sluttish PETTY et LEO, it-s simply impossible to forget her, wide open legs against the tube, and him, total net, ‘whoe’ boots and fag... DJ VOGUE, not coz of the music, but coz of the LOOK [feat. E-GALLIANOs wings]... the SHEEP GALS, quite sweettie animals... DJ ANITA SAN, the most spicy pregnant from TOKYO, just watch how she lauhgs... and ALL the lil’ fashion animals that were dancing ‘HYPERBALLAD’ by us, TFR!

español\\\\nunka olvidaremos->a los SELVATICOS TOKIOTAS, un par de mancebos desnuditos q estaban en su punto… a TRAINERS, los putosos PETTI et LEO, es simplemente imposible olvidarla a ella, con las piernas abiertas contra el tubo, y a el, de red total, botas de puta y cigarrillo… a DJ VOGUE, no por la musica, sino por el LOOK [feat. las alas de E-GALLIANO]… a las BORREGAS, unos animales muy monos… a DJ ANITA SAN, la embarazada mas picante de Tokio, solo miren como se rie… y a TODOS los animalitos fashion que bailaron ‘HYPERBALLAD’ by nosotros, TFR!


1. best fashion- LEO et E_GALLIANO [deuce! trainers vs. dj vogue]. TOKYOITE SYLVANS [bunka]. BLUE CHECK boi [???].SHEEP GALS [cult party]. LU [mikirihasshin]. SAO [stylist]. NET CURLY BOY [???]. ZEBRA BOI [???]. GEEK GAL [???]. TEDDY TITS GAL [malkomalka]. JONATHAN SAUNDERS BOI [sugino]. WHITE ONEPIECE WHOE [???]. MAIMAI [dj vogue]. YUSUKE [sugino]. KOJIMA [laforet]. . and EVERYBODY inside of this fuckin’ snapping!

2. best dj- ANITA SAN [fancyhim]
3. best vj- STEREOTENNIS

4. best fashion toy- GREEN RARE NECKLACE [???]. TOKYO SYLVAN MASUDA cap et bag [bunka]. CYCLOPEAN GLASSES [ ???]
5. best hair- SAO [stylist]

6. best headdress- TEDDY TITS GAL [malkomalka].

7. best wig- POPPO [tower records]

8. best makeup- PETTY [trainers]

9. best pair look- TOKYOITE SYLVANS [bunka]. SHEEP GALS [cult party]

10. best group look- UMEKO et friends [???]

11. best foxie- SILVER DRESS GAL [???].

12. best hottie- TOKYOITE SYLVAN MASUDA [bunka]

13. best hentai- PETTY [trainers]

14. fashion spot- MY PERSONAL ANIMAL

* our criteria is tyrannically subjective. It is based on our fine sensibility towards the vanguard in fashion design, in styling, in superfitial heresies and club musics. Despite our nihilism, we still want to create a better world.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


日本語\\\\決して忘れない→ 私たち、を、THEFASHIONRAMONE`やりまんちんz`は、はじめから会場出るまでずっとつまんないインターナショナルプレスに写真取られた、[で、フロントローでちっちゃいお尻をキック]。。。 MERCIBEAUCOUPを、やっぱりプリティーだった。でもさらに楽しくて、しかもさらにコンストラクティビズム的。多分ちょっとモンスター的な???。。。 HISUIを、今日一番楽しみに待ってた、は、メディアのプレッシャーをクリアして[last seasonのcollectionはnumber oneだったと思います] また前とは他の、フェミニン、インテリジェント、シック、いろいろなテクスチャー、たくさんの意味の詰まった細部いっぱい[今回の場合はモノクロームとたくさんのアクセサリー]で私たちのかなりの期待にかなり応えた。。。 そして、MINTDESIGNSを、またほかの'東京人プリティー' 、distinguished by its radar-style printsと、知的とアートとnaifなアトモスフィア、メタフィジック的。its contribution to the ファッションワールド: ショルダーとeyeマスク。

english\\\\We-ll never forget -> US OURSELVES, THEFASHIONRAMONEs `WHOEZ`, all photographed by the boring international press from our arrival until the moment we left [and kicking asses in the front rows]... MERCIBEAUCOUP, as pretty as always, and this time even more playful and more constructivistic, sometimes even getting monstrous???... HISUI, the show we were waiting the most during the day, that overcame the media pressure [we considered it last season`s collection number one] and fulfilled our expectations with another feminine, intelligent, chic repertory, full of multiple textures and polisemantic details [this time almost monochrome and with more accesories]... and MINTDESIGNS, another 'tokyoite pretty', distinguished by its radar-style prints and an intellectual-arty-naif atmosphere, sort of metaphysic, like the art student who is on the half way of the academic training. its contribution to the fashion world: the shoulders and the eyemasks.

español\\\\Nunca olvidaremos -> A NOSOTROS MISMOS, THEFASHIONRAMONE `WHOEZ`, fotografiados por la aburrida prensa internacional desde nuestro ingreso hasta nuestra salida [y pateando culitos en las primeras filas]... a MERCIBEAUCOUP, tan pretty como siempre, y esta vez aun mas ludica y constructivista, ???a veces hasta monstruosa???... a HISUI, el show que mas esperabamos en todo el dia, que se sobrepuso a las presiones mediaticas [la consideramos la coleccion numero uno de la edicion pasada] y colmo nuestras expectativas con otro repertorio muy femenino, inteligente, chic, de multiples texturas y detalles polisemanticos [esta vez casi monocromo y con mas accesorios]... y a MINTDESIGNS, otro pretty tokyota, distinquido por sus estampados tipo radar y un una atmosfera intelectual-arty-naif, algo metafisica, como de estudiante de arte que va por la mitad de su formacion academica. su aporte al mundo de la moda: los hombros y los antifaces.



Sunday, March 04, 2007


日本語\\\\決して忘れない→HISUIの逆襲を、日本で最も革新的なファッション道場へと彼女を復帰させたファッキン・'人喰い'コレクションと共に... POTTOのふわふわエクトプラズム的旋回を、それがゴミのような群衆に理解されずとも、ボクらカワイコちゃんに喝采されたことを...ジューシーな果実たるOHYAのネオ・ミニマル風コレクションの中で、一際異彩を放ったプラスティック・メイキャップを... テクニカラーな歌舞伎町のど真ん中で繰り広げられた[フシダラな新宿の協力的な区役所のおかげ]、NOZOMI ISHIGUROの常軌を逸したファッション・ストリート・オペラ[featuring DODDODOとTHEFASHIONRAMONE ANTIMODELS]を... そしてピラミッド方式で(ランキング順で)下記に紹介する全てのコレクションを...

english\\\\We-ll never forget -> HISUIs strike back, with a fucking 'maneater' collection that gives her back to the most BOMBASTIC PROG japanese fashion palaestra... POTTOs ectoplasmatic change, missundastood by the trashy masses; greeted by the cuteness in us... the OHYAs plastic make-up, inside of all that cool fruit that his neo-minimal-airs-collection was... crazy NOZOMI ISHIGUROs fashion street opera [featuring DODDODO et THEFASHIONRAMONE ANTIMODELS], in the middle of the technicoloured kabuki cho [thanx to the ward office of the slutty shinjuku]... and all the collections that under a pyramid criteria [ranking] we present to you at the bottom...

español\\\\Nunca olvidaremos -> al strike back de HISUI, con una maldita coleccion 'devorahombres' que la devuelve a la palestra de la moda made in japan mas progre… al giro ectoplasmatico de POTTO, incomprendido por las mierdosas masas; saludado por los lindos de nosotros… al make-up plastico de OHYA, dentro de toda la jugosa pera que fue su colección de aires neo-minimal… al desfile 'tomacalles' del disparatado NOZOMI ISHIGURO [featuring DODDODO et THEFASHIONRAMONE ANTIMODELS], en el centro mismo del technicolorido kabuki cho [gracias a la mucipalidad de la putisima shinjuku]… y a todas las colecciones que bajo criterio pirámide [ranking] te presentamos abajo…




Best styling – HISUI
Best hair- NE-NET
Best make up- OHYA
Best fashion toys- NE-NET
Best music- NOZOMI ISHIGURO [live show by DODDODO]
Best antimodels- NOZOMI ISHIGURO

socks& hairbands by HISUI
Swedish clogs by OHYA.
Goblin shoes by NOZOMI ISHIGURO
Veil by POTTO
Patchwork shoes by ANREALAGE
Shoes bow&gloves by HIRO
Necklaces&mask by SOMARTA
All the accesories by NE-NET

Strongest Fashion Trend- NEO MINIMALISM + PRINTS

* our criteria is tyrannically subjective. It is based on our fine sensibility towards the vanguard in fashion design, in styling, in superfitial heresies and club musics. Despite our nihilism, we still want to create a better world.